The intercommunicative self

‘The intercommunicative self also acknowledges the necessity of linking one’s identities into some sort of pattern, from Twitter to Facebook, from YouTube and Flickr to MySpace, from blogs to Digg‘ (Marshall, 2010, pp. 42 – 43)

We all have that habit of sharing an image to Instagram, then constantly posting to Facebook for the publicity. This is due to the fact that our social media sites are intertwined. They are all connected.

Connected ( by Omran Jamal (CC-BY 2.0)

Celebrities use the layering of a variety of mediums, to engage in a high level of self-promotion to reach a mass audience. By linking all our accounts, it is an easier way to share and keep your audience engaged in your content as they can see it flooding the internet. #BREAKTHEINTERNET

The inter-connectedness allows us to remain consistent across many media forms.



Marshall, PD 2010, The Promotion And Presentation Of The Self : Celebrity As Marker Of Presentational Media, n.p.: Routledge, Deakin Research Online, EBSCOhost, viewed 14 April 2016.


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